About us


Aberdeen Hindu Association (AHA) is a trust set up by a group of dedicated volunteers in the North East of Scotland. Hinduism is followed not only as religion but as a "Dharma" or way of life. Our aim is to promote the rich values of the Hindu culture and its diverse traditions. We strongly believe in the Hindu values that encompass respect for beings and faiths and a cultural heritage that promotes community cohesion and harmony. Spiritual well being contributes to happiness, increased productivity, communal harmony and integration; in pursuance of this we will conduct regular poojas, celebrate Hindu religious festivals and organise cultural and educational activities.


Our vision is to work towards "Truth, Wisdom and Bliss".
The mission we have undertaken is to promote Hindu Dharma (religion and traditions) and culture; to encourage inter-religious, social and cultural understanding. We also endeavour to support the humanitarian causes. We would like the Hindu community in Scotland to feel happy and secure. Spiritual wellbeing contributes to happiness, increased productivity, communal harmony and integration in addition to creating a sense of equality and diversity. We believe that the best way to achieve this is by forming an organisation to arrange for prayer sessions, cultural and educational events.


AHA will apply the income of the Charity in furthering the following objectives:
The advancement of heritage and culture.
The promotion of religious harmony.
The promotion of equality and diversity.
The advancement of religion and philosophical belief.
The charity aims to bring the Hindu community together to a common place and work towards achieving the above objectives.


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