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Due to the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, all our face-to-face events (Poojas, Yoga and Slokha Classes) had been suspended and moved fully Online. In response to changing conditions, we have begun resuming limited services while still ensuring important safety measures are maintained. For live updates on our online events and resumption of services please follow our facebook page or email us at
Date Planned Pooja
1/1/2020 Ganesha
1/11/2020 Vishnu
1/25/2020 Durga
2/8/2020 Satynarayana Pooja
2/21/2020 Maha Shivaratri
3/14/2020 Ganesha
3/28/2020 Rama
4/11/2020 Hanuman
4/25/2020 Kubera Lakshmi Pooja
5/9/2020 Durga
5/23/2020 Siva
6/13/2020 Muruga
6/27/2020 Vishnu
7/11/2020 Siva
7/25/2020 Durga Pooja
8/8/2020 Vishnu
8/22/2020 Ganesh Chaturthi
9/12/2020 Siva
9/26/2020 Vishnu Pooja
10/10/2020 Rama
10/24/2020 Durga
11/14/2020 Lakshmi Pooja
11/28/2020 Muruga
12/12/2020 Siva
12/26/2020 Ayyappa